Tips to group ride while flocking in a motorcycle

Riding on a motorcycle with an organized motorcycle rally or with friends on a weekend is the most cherished part of your riding experience. Choose the best 2 wheeler available in the market which is specially designed for long-distance. But it requires the complete attention of each rider for a safe ride. Some precautions and tips to be followed to prolong that happiness. Here are some tips for you to follow while flocking the group ride.

Ride preparation

As you know, Primary concern for anything is safety so of course here on the journey too. Any one person in the group should carry a tool kit and first kit to use in case of any emergency of basic conditions. And the person carrying the first aid kit must know the first aid procedures to handle the situation. Every rider should carry a mobile phone to face any situation that comes up during the ride. Fill your fuel, 200 cc bikes in India provide high performance which can help you in the ride.

Maintain safe distance

In a group ride, everyone should be cautious about maintaining a specific distance from one another. Mostly it occurs that a rider who is moving ahead of you, brakes all of sudden for any emergency situation or out of control. Because of this reason, it is quite essential to maintain a particular distance between each rider to concern your safety.

Check for the rider behind you

This is one of the most important things to follow on a group motorcycling. Check your rearview mirror frequently to corroborate the presence of the rider who is following you. Because that might be your friend or anyone but in the group motorcycle ride there is a protocol to start and end up with the same number of people.

Staggered formation ride

On your ride, you might encounter lots of straight and curvy sections. In that case, the lead rider should take up the position of the left third in the riding lane while riding in the straight section. By this position, they were able to monitor around the traffic among the group and to view oncoming debris or traffic in the road. The next rider should take up one second behind the leader approximately, in the right third of the group. The next rider continues in the left third position by two seconds behind the leader of the lane by trend riding one second behind the leader. All the other riders will continue in this same pattern until the group is accordingly staggered and complete. The lane and spacing position can be adjusted as per the safety measures but it should give time to each rider to adopt the conditions. A rider should ride in a single line and two seconds apart from each other approximately while riding in the curvy section of the road.

Hand signals 

While taking up a group ride every rider should be familiar with the basic hand signal used. Communicating using the signal language would help every rider to be in sync and to know about the happenings around.

The above-mentioned details are some tips for you to ride a motorcycle in a group while flocking.

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